Covid 19 Information

We are continuously working hard at LeBlancHotel & Spa **** to ensure our services are of the highest possible standard and in full compliance with national safety protocols and those issued by the Province of Trento.

Our goal is to ensure guests enjoy a pleasant, relaxing and safe stay with us.

Each room will be sanitized before your arrival to a very high standard to ensure your safety and comfort. Details

Currently, there are some limitations to the services that we usually provide. Please find below the shortlist that we encourage you to read:

• Wellness Area Details

• Miniclub Details

• Rearrangement of the rooms Details

• Rules of conduct that our guests are required to follow according to the safety protocols. Details

We will ensure that all communications are regularly updated in accordance with new government guidelines . On confirming your stay you agree to accept the present and future directives in line with government regulations.

On confirming your stay you agree to accept the present and future directives in line with government regulations.

We are taking every precaution to ensure your holiday at Monte Bondone is a pleasant and safe one. LeBlancHotel & Spa ****


Sanification Rooms

After the usual careful cleaning of the guestrooms carried out with specific detergent and disinfectant products by trained personnel, the room will be 'saturated' by a cloud of nebulized ozone using a special device. This procedure guarantees the sanitization of the entire volume of the room by eliminating 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, mites and molds, and this is also of great benefit to allergy sufferers.

Wellness Area

Your help in respecting the rules and timetables will be essential, which is why we thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation. The pool water will be monitored twice a day as usual.
The Wellness Area (sauna, Turkish bath, salt grotto, emotional showers) will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.

The rules of conduct will be explained directly by our staff: social distancing, cleaning protocols, use of changing rooms, etc. Again, your help is essential.

For reservations and further information, you can contact the Wellness Reception Area.


The mini club is currently closed until further notice. It will be our pleasure to offer access to the mini club as soon as it is possible..

Rearrangement of the rooms

To reduce the movements of our housekeeping staff from one room to another, the daily cleaning of the guestroom will be carried out only upon request, by attaching a special coupon to the door.

Otherwise, please do not hesitate to ask us to clean your guest room, we will be happy to provide it!


Rules of conduct

Social distancing must be maintained in all common areas of the hotel and it is mandatory to wear a mask when moving inside the enclosed spaces. Access to the lifts is allowed and is limited to one person at a time, or one group of “relatives” at a time. The buffet service is allowed and guests can serve themselves but they must wear a mask and use the disposable gloves supplied in the restaurant. The maximum number of "relatives" at the same table will vary from 4 to 6 people maximum. .